Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Time off.

I am awaiting to see a hand surgeon as I have some major issues with my hands.
I am struggling to do pretty much anything at the moment.
All commission work is on hold as I try to sort this problem out.
This hobby is my job as well as my passion and I can honestly say that it is driving me nuts.
I am completely Bored and really gutted with this and trying to get some medical advice just seems to be taking forever.
I keep trying to do stuff, but what is the point if I can't keep up the quality.
My dexterity is shot to hell and I'm in constant pain.
Just simple things like holding a sculpt tool or a paintbrush is painful after 10 minutes.
I have now been referred to a hand surgeon.
No appointments as yet, so it's a waiting game once again.

I now need a soft touch keyboard, FFS.....


  1. It's crap mate, as I said earlier get on to the guy who has to refer and get his arse in gear.

    Hopefully it will be sorted in the end but in the meantime look after yourself!


  2. I'll second what Ian's said. Another tip is to tell them you'll take a cancellation if one becomes available. Worked for me in the past.

    Take care.

  3. As much as it may go against principle ..any chance of getting a private consulatation? Especially as it is potentially impacting yer job!

  4. Cheers guys.
    can't afford to go private Dave.
    plus the Mrs has just been made redundant.
    Although it is what she wanted, money will be tight for a while As I'm not earning either atm.
    just got to wait to see surgeon.


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