Thursday, 30 April 2015

Famous by my Sword, Montrose in the ECW

It's been a while since I posted anything.
Sorry for that.
Busy schedule and a few health issues.
Famous by my Sword by Charles Singleton & Helion Publishing.

I really do love the ECW period.
It's great for gaming and painting and in my view was a pivotal part of our history.
Many books have been written on the subject and I have read many of them.
It is a period I game using the Pike & Shotte BP supplement from Warlord.

The history and tactics I am pretty much clued up on, so what has Charles done different with his current publication ?
Montrose, a colourful character, who, although I know of him and what he did, I know very little about his army.
My own opinion that his army was a highland force with lots of clansmen giving the Covenanters a good bashing with the glorious highland charge while a few Irish regulars bolstered the clansmen.
How wrong I was.
What Charles has done in the book is to take away this myth.
The army that fought for Montrose was a professional, well trained fighting force that included many Irish regulars that did most of the fighting.
The book looks at all the different aspects of the Army.
The Battles, organisation, tactics and does focus more on the fighting men, than on Montrose himself.
The book is very similar in format to the Ospreys, although a few more pages I believe.
Glossy with colour plates, b&w illustrations and a very informative text.
I love the way Charles writes.
The guy has a real passion for this period and it really does come through in his writing.
The tiny details regarding the uniforms and the changes in fighting tactics are all here.
The book is a must buy for anyone interested in the ECW period and more so if you are interested in what happened way ooop north of what the King and parliament were up to.
Cracking book
This is looking to be a great series by Helion and one I will be looking out for.
Available on Amazon.


  1. Interesting, may have to look into this one


  2. I know its not much to do with the book, but what a great cover pic!!!

  3. My mate and I recently bought Scottish forces for our 6mm ECW campaign so I really need to check this book out. Thanks for the tip!


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