Saturday, 14 May 2011

More Strelets saxons

Norman Command
More Strelets from my ongoing Dark Ages project.
This is for yet another Fire & Fury Variant of mine called "Fury of the Northmen".
I'm aiming for about 50 bases of Saxons with most been Fyrd and Thanes with a few Light troops.
A small hardcore of Huscarles will complete it.
The Normans will consist of Various Cavalry (Norman, Flemish and Bretons).
A large body of Norman heavy infantry, rounded of with some archers and light troops.

The Vikings will be mostly Bondi and archers with a large body of Huscarles.


Saxon Huscarles

Huscarle Shieldwall

Fyrd & Thane's Shieldwall

Again, These will form the bulk of my Saxon Army.

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  1. Have had a look at a small sample of a vast collection, the paint job can only be explained as a work of ART. Thanks Kev


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