Friday, 27 April 2012

Germans Defeated on Game night.

Well! My Jerries got a "Damn good thrashing" in the words of my British opponents last tuesday evening.
We played a small infantry only action set on D Day +3.
The Scenario...
British.. Locate the 88mm battery shelling the beach head and eliminate it.
            Take and hold the chateau of "somewhere in France" for a forward OP to aid the breakout.
British Force..
                     A full motorised infantry battalion with MG company, carrier platoon and support company.
                     Total 68 figures, all regulars.

German.. Hold the chateau at all costs.
               Protect the 88mm battery untill nightfall.
               Reserves were on the way, (or so they were told).
German Force..
                        A full infantry battalion with support company.
                        Total 33 figures all elite.
                        88mm battery with 4 gunners (regular)

The game started with Glenns Brits advancing along the road and debussing at the corner, the Brits command occupying a deserted farmhouse. The carrier companies skirting along the opposite side of the bocage.
Karls Brits advanced over the wooded high ground towards the chateau.
The Jerries, waiting for the Brits to get into range, held fire as they approached.
The 88mm fired at the beach, but the brits failed to spot its location.
The Brits carried on advancing and the Jerries let rip with what they had.
The Brits carried on advancing in the face of this taking minor casualties.
The British return fire was more effective with the Jerries taking a beating.
Glenns carrier platoon skitirting around an occupied wood, spotted the 88mm battery.
The Gun battery was eliminated quickly, just the chateau to take now.
Karls Brits advanced on the Chateau and a firefight errupted.
The Jerries in the chateau took a heavy toll on Karls Brits as he tried to deploy his heavy mortar.
Karls support co that was advancing to support the MG co arrived and they helped deploy the 4.2" heavy mortar.
The Jerries in the chateau dived for cover as the mortar unleased hell on the defenders.
With mortar shells bursting all around and taking heavy casualties the Germans in the chateautried to re-organise their defence.
The German commander fell to a mortar shell and with the casualties mounting and exceeding the morale test requirements, the Germans took their one and only morale test of the game.
They rolled a one, with a -1 modifier, A big fat zero result, Game over....
The battered German survivors held up their hands to spend the rest of the war in captivity.
A great game and well done to the British players (Glenn & Karl)

The 88mm battery is spotted

Karls Brits engage the chateau as the 88mm battery is located

German mortar team is located as the brits dig in, the mortar team is quickly eliminated.

MG42 on hold fire awaits the slowly advancing infantry.

The chateau falls to the British as the German survivors wave the white flag..

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